D & P Communications

Embedded Marketing

Project Goals

D & P Communications is a local and highly trusted phone, cable, and Internet provider serving Southeast Michigan. The D & P staff is committed to providing their customers with the best services possible. In order maximize customer satisfaction, it was necessary for the company to adapt from an in-house to a multi-faceted marketing service.

D & P’s marketing staff chose to partner with our team; a full-service marketing agency that would exceed their needs and help reinforce their brand. As D & P’s marketing agency, we work to build brand messaging, position D & P as a leader in the community, and compete with other major service providers in Michigan.

Our Solution

Our team continues to work on thoughtful strategy development by regularly meeting with D & P’s marketing staff. Working face-to-face allows our team to maximize our creative approach, as well as maintain brand consistency across various media outlets.


  • Newspaper Advertisements
  • Magazine Advertisements
  • Sales Support Materials
  • Web Advertisements
  • Special Events
  • Publications
  • Outdoor Advertisements
  • Internal
  • Annual Report
  • Video Production
  • Storyboarding
  • Script Writing


As a result of our continuous work with D & P’s marketing team, their customers are better aware of the products and services that they provide, ultimately making them a local leader in the industry. As we remain working together, our team will ensure that the D & P brand continues to grow and their customers remain satisfied.

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