Lenawee Now

100 Years Book

The Client

Lenawee Now is an organization dedicated to the economic development of Lenawee County, Michigan. They are focused on improving the economy of the county, and supporting a better quality of life for Adrian, Tecumseh, Clinton, Blissfield, Hudson, Morenci and the Irish Hills in southern Michigan.

The Solution

We started with research, research, and more research. We conducted interviews and became regulars at the local history museum. We searched far and wide for vintage photos. After deciding what people, companies and events to highlight, we organized the book and began writing. After many iterations, meetings, and even more trips to the history museum, the 100 Years Book was completed.

The Challenge

Lenawee Now was to celebrate its 100th Anniversary. How better to mark the occasion than by creating a publication detailing the last 100 years of Lenawee County? This book would serve as promotional piece to entice investors, prospective employees, and site selectors by highlighting the region’s rich history.

The Outcome

This publication premiered at the 2016 Vision of Lenawee meeting, along with two videos designed to showcase all that Lenawee County has to offer. The greatest outcome of this project was hearing members of the community exclaim over newly learned historical facts.

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