Messaging Development & Brochure Design

LumenFlow’s original trifold brochure

New lighting bifold & photonics trifold

The Client

LumenFlow is an engineering firm located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Its founders specialize in the fields of manufacturing, optical engineering, and mechanical engineering. LumenFlow has broken into the emerging field of LED lighting with some truly innovative thinking, but was having trouble communicating with the right audience.

The Challenge

With two trade shows coming up within a month, LumenFlow needed an updated brochure design. Additionally, the company was undergoing the re-design and development of its website and required new language to better explain its products. With just one day on-site with the LumenFlow team, our challenges were clear:

  1. Translate the information dense engineer-ese to language that truly resonated with their ideal customers
  2. Develop & design a brochure that promoted the two sides of their business: Photonics and Lighting


The Process

With a limited timeframe to complete our goals, our team decided the best way to collaborate would be to literally embed ourselves into LumenFlow for an entire day. We spent the morning in an intense listening session and discussion. We identified their ideal customers and how best to communicate with those two distinct audiences. Those audiences do not overlap, so we created two brochures: one focusing on the photonics industry and the other on LumenFlow’s cutting-edge lighting solutions.

Input from LumenFlow’s sales, engineering, and manufacturing departments helped us to develop memorable tag-lines and relevant content.

We created the visual style to stay on-brand with the updated website design. The eye-catching photos and bright colors were designed to showcase the innovation and excitement of LumenFlow’s body of work.


The Outcome

LumenFlow had a successful trade show and received great feedback on its new brochures. Our updated messaging and brochures helped LumenFlow receive 433% more follow-up calls than the previous year.



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