Strategy and Consulting

Design is the icing on the cake. Strategy comes first.


Getting to know your target audience on a personal level is critical. Who are they and what problems can you solve for them?


Unless there is a money tree in your backyard, you can’t afford to be thoughtless with your marketing. Are you delivering your targeted message through the right channels to the right people?


No one wants to feel stupid. Are you talking to your target audience in a way that they can understand quickly and easily?

Strategy and Consulting that Grows Your Business

Whether you are a startup or an established brand, you will eventually run into complicated or frustrating marketing problems. It takes a fresh perspective, new ideas, and insightful questions to overcome these hurdles. The right solutions don’t have to elaborate, expensive, or time-consuming. Sometimes simple changes can make the biggest difference.

At Hoyden Creative, we dig into your unique problem and develop a strategic plan with specific actions and measurable results. We can complete a brand and marketing assessment, develop a marketing strategy, create a social media strategy or design a marketing campaign.

What kinds of problems do we help our clients solve? They have included:

  • How can I use social media efficiently and effectively?
  • How do I plan an event with measurable impact?
  • What is my story and how do I communicate it clearly?
  • When is it time for my business to re-brand itself?
  • Who are my clients and how can I reach them?


Have a brand or marketing problem?We can help with that!

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